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PayClub platform suspected of gambling money laundering has been sealed


According to Berita Harian, police in Malaysia have arrested 13 suspects in a case where illegal "fourth party payment" platforms were used to help gambling websites launder money.

According to the relevant departments, the so-called "fourth party payment" platform, also known as polymerization, polymerization of third-party payment platform, cooperative Banks and other service providers, such as interface, using a digital illegal foreign currency as intermediary provides integrated payment and settlement business, is the current telecom network fraud, online gambling and other criminal gangs to earn and bleaching of so-called "green channel" illegal funds, has the serious social harm.

The Platform of PayClub is suspected of setting up a fourth party payment channel without authorization to provide recharge and withdrawal services for gambling projects, in violation of Malaysian laws and regulations.

According to understanding, in August 2020, the network department of the police found that PayClub criminal gang used the illegal "fourth Party payment" platform to help gambling websites carry out "money laundering" activities. Then, a special case group was set up to carry out case investigation and quickly identify the PayClub company that provided the illegal fund settlement channel. The company does not have a properly registered third-party payment platform license, USES citizen information to register online payment accounts in batches, sets up a number of illegal payment platforms, and helps gambling gangs to carry out illegal and criminal activities of "money laundering", and takes commissions from them.

Usually, those who use these illegal payment platforms are gambling, fraud and other gangs and people, who have to transfer money through the illegal payment platforms layer by layer to avoid the supervision.

On September 25, 2020, the task force carried out a series of net closure operations, and captured 13 suspects, mainly Li and Liu, destroying the PayClub platform, which provides a funding channel for the online black ash industry.

Reporters remind that users in the platform to run out of personal information once the illegal criminals collect and use, the consequences are unimaginable, may be cold calls, fraud calls, spam harassment, but also may face account password theft, or even the identity of the user for loans.

It is reported that illegal recharge and withdrawal not only violates the relevant laws and regulations of Malaysia, but also seriously affects the safe use of user information, infringes the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, and risks information leakage, money laundering for illegal activities and other major risks.

At present, PayClub company has been closed down by the Legal department of Malaysia, the specific information needs to be further understood.

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